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Apple watch design tips

Apple Watch Design Pro Tip

Pro Tip — Apple Watch We’re all very excited here that we got invited to Sunnyvale CA to get our hands on an Apple Watch on April 7th before it […]

Some of my favorite tools 2014

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but enough people have asked that merits sharing with the rest of you. Design tools LiveView Duplicates an area on your screen and sends it to an iPad/iPhone. […]

Why your next app idea stinks

We’ve talked to a lot of people in recent months who want to make smart apps that utilize important user-inputted data. This movement will create tremendous benefit to all of us […]

Wearable App Design

This wearable and mobile project was spearheaded during a wonderfully memorable Provo Startup Weekend. (If you haven’t ever tried a Startup Weekend, you owe it to yourself to hone those […]