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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Random GATC generator and a book cover

For a recent book cover design, I needed to generate a bunch of code to look like the DNA sequence. Here’s the flash actionscript I used to generate 10,000 random characters of DNA code. The code is pretty subtle on the book cover, it’s in the DNA smear. Buy the book to see it better [smile] Or, maybe just click and scroll a little farther

function randRange(min:Number, max:Number):Number {
var randomNum:Number = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;
return randomNum;
for (var i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
var n:Number = randRange(1, 4)
switch (n) {
case 1 :
case 2 :
case 3 :
case 4 :
default :
trace("some other message");


  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Photography found on the book cover
  • Flash script to generate GATC sequence.

Here’s the book:

The Masculinity Code Book Cover

The Masculinity Code book cover detail

The Masculinity Code book cover detail

Canopa logotype design

Custom logotype design. Every curve on these letters has been customized. The client loved it.

USB Floppy External drive FREE (plus shipping only)

If you want this External USB Floppy drive, just email me and we’ll arrange shipping details. It works great, but I have no use for it. I’m sure someone could use it to pull off some “long lost” information from their floppy disk.

USB Floppy External Drive


  1. Successful innovators are famously untroubled by failure.
  2. Many innovators appreciate failure.
  3. Innovators commonly recognize that “problems and questions are the limiting resource in innovation.”
  4. Innovators find inspiration in disparate disciplines.
  5. Innovation flourishes when organizations allow third-party experimentation with their products.
  6. Fragility is the enemy of innovation: systems should boast broad applications and be unbreakable.
  7. Real innovators delight in giving us what we want: solutions to our difficulties and expansive alternatives to our established ways.
  8. Real innovators are sometimes perplexed by our ignorance of our own needs.
  9. Successful innovators do not depend on what economists call “network externalities,” i.e., the innovation is valuable to the very first user.
  10. Many innovators become technologists because they want to better the world

Evolution and Creation concepts not mutually exclusive

Pharmaceuticals stopping the natural selection of man? Are we becomming a weaker species due to the survival of weaker genetics?

Order of creation matches order of natural selection.

God works by small and simple means to bring to pass his great works.

If man evolves would he develop into an advanced man. A man with supreme intelligence?

Evolution clearly occurs. Viruses obviously evolve to produce stronger strains.

How do emotions play into the evolutionary tale? It would seem that emotions aren’t studied in evolutionary studies.

Have our brains evolved to understand God? Are our emotions evolving to communicate beyond our physical realm? Is spirituality another step to evolution?

Why haven’t protozoans evolved beyond their current state? Why are there still “unevolved” species?

Evolution can occur more quickly in lower life-forms — they tend to have shorter life spans, which allows for quicker natural selection. These life forms should be the quickest to evolve.

Making Physical Motion Interesting

“If a caveman had to design a hinged box, it would open in exactly the same manner as a 2006 Walkman.” – Ben Hopson

Ben Hopson Motion Studies Pratt

Ben Hopson’s master thesis and studies asks and answers some questions that are great to consider. Why are most things engineered to open in the least interesting way possible? Sure, for efficiency. But what about aesthetically pleasing motion? Check out his studies at his site. I suggest that after absorbing the knowledge on his site that you make a request to read his thesis. Its great.


Ross Lovegrove. Organic Inspiration.

go chair designed by ross lovegrove
This chair looks as though it is a skeleton piece of a being that has evolved thousands of years to produce this ultimate sitting sculpture.

Hear more from Ross here in a TED podcast

Here is an interview with Ross Lovegrove

bottle of water essense

Business Week article