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Adobe Illustrator gradient on a path tutorial


Because a good friend asked me how to do this, I figured I’d make a tutorial on how to draw a gradient along a path in Adobe Illustrator. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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A few people have asked about how to make a spiral shape. The preview is below and you can download the illustrator file here.

tutorial and example preview download


Reducing Adobe Illustrator bloated files

Since Illustrator CS3 was launched I noticed a dramatic file size increase, even in small logo documents. I found a work-around to make logo files be under 100k instead of around a minimum of 900k.

Open, not place, a jpg in Illustrator. Once it’s opened, delete the jpg from the work area. Then paste in whatever vector you want. Then save the document with an appropriate name. Ta dah! Smaller file size. From what I can tell, the file size is so much smaller because opening a jpg doesn’t load all the bloated swatches, symbols, brushes, etc into the base document.

Uninstalling Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta

I mistakenly deleted instead of uninstalled my Photoshop CS3 beta. Go here to get the clean -up script from adobe and run it in terminal mode. When asked what level of uninstall, use level “1″. Once the installation has ran once through, run the script again.

Here is the link to the uninstall script for Photoshop CS3 beta