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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

New Atrek Inline Font

New font coming very soon. Here’s some work in progress.


If you can’t find the perfect font, sculpt it

For a recent logo development project, a beloved client loved a particular sketch. After culling through thousands of fonts in the database memory it became clear that a custom typeface would be the only way to proceed. So the lettering sketches began.

Frequently when crafting the perfect logo it makes sense to start with a pre-existing font and then alter a few of the letterforms to make sure all the letterforms flow together nicely. Conversely, the following font is completely built from scratch starting with a single line being drawn in Illustrator and incrementally building and manipulating the curves.

For those who’ve embarked on custom font development, you know it can be a joyous discovery of voluptuous curves and intersections. However, as Christian Robertson said, “the ‘s’ is the most difficult letter to design in the [english/latin] alphabet.” I agree — there were a few profanities released during the building of this set. Here’s a few tips to sculpting an ‘s’ of steel.

› Make sure that the upper and lower counterspaces aren’t equal.
The bottom is frequently slightly larger than the top
› The diagonal curve will likely be thicker than the rest of your strokes
› Don’t be afraid to start over several times
› The terminals determine a significant amount of the attitude of the font

custom type design

FYI – This font will not be for sale as it is a proprietary font built for a client (unless they choose to make it available) If you’re looking for similar well-crafted fonts, you should consider: Silas Dilworth’s Breuer or Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ Forza.


Real Audio logo design

logo design for Real Audio

Real Audio Logo concept

Rejected logo for an Home Theater installation company. They really liked it though, just didn’t make the final cut.

Concept combines the nautilus shell and an HDMI connector. I chose the Nautilus shell because it has a fibonacci sequence which infuses art and science — and many people have enjoyed the experience of listening to the ‘ocean in a shell’

Designed while at Eli Kirk. Check out our new site.

Harmonica NES

Harmonica NES

Harmonica NES

Since a few people asked, here’s some of the procedure/tools to make the NES Harmonica.


Photos in Aspen Cove

Awaking at 4:30 a.m. to drive to Scofield Reservior was well worth it. I enjoyed quiet sunrise and the crunchy sagebrush smells. These shots are for an upcoming web site launch for some cabins up in the area.


Higher resolution available upon request.

Team Grub logo design

Provo logo graphic design team grub embroidered on a hat

Team Grub logo design features custom type

Psychotique packaging design

packaging design provo utah

Novelty gift lotion items. Concept of lotion from the creative mind of William Bunn. Design concept, art direction and logo design by Seth Taylor

Repression: long descending cloud represents repressing feeling way down deep
Denial: white cloud dissipating any belief
Anger: churning engulfing grasping cloud