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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Free vector glasses icon

Recently made these bezier glasses for another personal iPhone app project (you’re going to love the iOS app when it launches). I hope you can enjoy these assets on your next design. Pay it forward. If you’re feeling like it, drop a link to where you used ‘em.

Link to download SVG glasses icon

Download png glasses icon

Download .jpg glasses icon


free vector glasses download

free vector glasses download


Living in the Venn

Great quote celebrating the importance to have an integrated approach to conceptualizing and creating.

Somehow, the powers of the commercial design and advertising industry often have the unfortunate effect of separating the “thinkers” from the “makers” over time. Our goal is to buck that trend, and to build a company that has powerful conceptual thinkers (people who have inspired, blank-canvas ideas) as well as powerful makers (who bring those inspirations to life, within the constraints of the real world). There are a few renowned companies who seem to have successfully done this; we aim to follow suit – and we are.

Erik Karasyk at hush studios

In many ways it espouses the Bauhaus movement to bring artisans and engineers together so that each can be benefitted from symbiotic constructive comments. In the end an artisan/designer will become more efficient and effective in building; and simultaneously, the engineer/developer powerfully contributes to the enjoyability of the finished product. The more these disparate skills coordinate and overlap, the larger the sweet spot of the living Venn diagram.


Slash bash, custom type

Have you ever seen the capitals of Fette Fraktur? Eww. I thoroughly enjoyed customizing the S and B of the Slash Bash pumpkin party poster. Also, if you get the chance, we’d love to see you at the third annual Slash Bash. RSVP here.

The text deets.



Sunglow sungold tomato

Large sunglow tomato {Solanum lycopersicum} picture. Photo free for download and use. I would love to hear how you use it. Some people refer to this as a sungold tomato.

This was harvested from our tomato plant on the south side of our house.


sunglow tomato - free to use image

I wonder if this photo will become as popular as my grape photo I posted a few years ago.

Display font (work in progress)

Create-a-font-in-30-minutes exercise. It’s a display font, not meant for body text. I included a few alternate characters. Inspiration came from the cross hairs in my camera view finder.

Deep Seven Pics

This is what remains after a bunch of hard drives have been shredded

final pressing of the moistened shredded paper

Stacked and ready for recycling

Real Audio logo design

logo design for Real Audio

Real Audio Logo concept

Rejected logo for an Home Theater installation company. They really liked it though, just didn’t make the final cut.

Concept combines the nautilus shell and an HDMI connector. I chose the Nautilus shell because it has a fibonacci sequence which infuses art and science — and many people have enjoyed the experience of listening to the ‘ocean in a shell’

Designed while at Eli Kirk. Check out our new site.