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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Vector checkmark design

When designing interfaces, frequently I’ll need a checkmark. In many circumstances it’s important to incorporate a humanistic element. This one tapers with the beginning stroke, gets heavier near the base, and finishes with a subtle taper. No big deal, I just wanted a place to share this and access it at other times. Feel free to use this one for whatever project you want. Below is a scalable vector and transparent png version.


Revealing Compexity

Quick ux tip
Pay close attention to how you reveal complexity. Not all users care to become experts. And experts shouldn’t be required to use simple mode when they need to make precise configurations.

The path of digital interaction

In developing interfaces, many people enunciate a common goal “it has to be simple” then within in a very little time they want to add feature after feature and make the user experience surprisingly complicated. While those features are helpful for expert users, it estranges the new adopters. So, what is to be done? How do you add features to your site, app or software without getting prohibitively complex? Here’s a hint at a longer blog post I’m preparing.