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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Have you ever drank motor oil?

Stop a moment to think about how ugly some of the food you eat is. Ever tried looking at a Clif Bar for too long?

At Eli Kirk, there’s a current food packaging project that oozes interesting visual challenges. And whenever there’s a good challenge, there’s always something that can trigger a several creative ideas. Some products look absolutely delicious the moment you unwrap them. Meanwhile some of the products require some creative problem solving to figure out which colors, patterns and typography are going to make the product look its best.

When I look for inspiration in packaging, one of the great successes that comes to mind is Odwalla. Take a look at the picture below. Without its label, the thick viscous liquid seems like remains from well-blended slugs. But with the intelligent color combinations and strategic appealing shapes, I’m more inclined to enjoy a drink.

Roll over the image below to see the difference a good label can make.

Liquipel Logo and Branding Materials

Liquipel technology is easy to love; and it’s been a blast showing off it’s capabilities. Soaking your iPhone (with no case) in water with no damage to the device tends to surprise people. Not only has demonstrating the water safe technology been fun, but developing the Liquipel brand energized me every time I got to work on it. Everything ranging from logo design, website, CES display strategy, package design, photography and large environmental displays.

Here’s a few of the things I got to work on.

Download vector version of Liquipel logo here

Props to them for their nomination for an Edison Award 2012 and for the display at CES.

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Photography: Stotia

Psychotique web design

My responsibilities were logo creation, product design, photography, website design, interaction, and managing the shopping cart coding and some training.


Psychotique packaging design

packaging design provo utah

Novelty gift lotion items. Concept of lotion from the creative mind of William Bunn. Design concept, art direction and logo design by Seth Taylor

Repression: long descending cloud represents repressing feeling way down deep
Denial: white cloud dissipating any belief
Anger: churning engulfing grasping cloud