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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Liquipel Logo and Branding Materials

Liquipel technology is easy to love; and it’s been a blast showing off it’s capabilities. Soaking your iPhone (with no case) in water with no damage to the device tends to surprise people. Not only has demonstrating the water safe technology been fun, but developing the Liquipel brand energized me every time I got to work on it. Everything ranging from logo design, website, CES display strategy, package design, photography and large environmental displays.

Here’s a few of the things I got to work on.

Download vector version of Liquipel logo here

Props to them for their nomination for an Edison Award 2012 and for the display at CES.

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Photography: Stotia

Real Audio logo design

logo design for Real Audio

Real Audio Logo concept

Rejected logo for an Home Theater installation company. They really liked it though, just didn’t make the final cut.

Concept combines the nautilus shell and an HDMI connector. I chose the Nautilus shell because it has a fibonacci sequence which infuses art and science — and many people have enjoyed the experience of listening to the ‘ocean in a shell’

Designed while at Eli Kirk. Check out our new site.