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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Liquipel Logo and Branding Materials

Liquipel technology is easy to love; and it’s been a blast showing off it’s capabilities. Soaking your iPhone (with no case) in water with no damage to the device tends to surprise people. Not only has demonstrating the water safe technology been fun, but developing the Liquipel brand energized me every time I got to work on it. Everything ranging from logo design, website, CES display strategy, package design, photography and large environmental displays.

Here’s a few of the things I got to work on.

Download vector version of Liquipel logo here

Props to them for their nomination for an Edison Award 2012 and for the display at CES.

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Photography: Stotia

Sunglow sungold tomato

Large sunglow tomato {Solanum lycopersicum} picture. Photo free for download and use. I would love to hear how you use it. Some people refer to this as a sungold tomato.

This was harvested from our tomato plant on the south side of our house.


sunglow tomato - free to use image

I wonder if this photo will become as popular as my grape photo I posted a few years ago.

Deep Seven Pics

This is what remains after a bunch of hard drives have been shredded

final pressing of the moistened shredded paper

Stacked and ready for recycling

Data backup workflow for photo and video

Even though files can be oversized, backup can’t be overemphasized. Here’s how Chase does it.

Chase Jarvis TECH: Complete Workflow and Backup for Photo + Video

Merry Christmas Card


Here’s a christmas card that was fun to design for the Kennedy Center on BYU. They provide the majority of international study opportunities for the students. Joy to the world from an extraterrestrial point of view but with terrestrial references.

Aspen Cove launched

Responsibilities: Photos and site design

Responsibilities: Photos and site design

Home page design

Home page design

It was a pleasure to work with Aspen Cove / Mark Nelson. Beautiful location for a cabin in Utah. Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark II.

Photos in Aspen Cove

Awaking at 4:30 a.m. to drive to Scofield Reservior was well worth it. I enjoyed quiet sunrise and the crunchy sagebrush smells. These shots are for an upcoming web site launch for some cabins up in the area.


Higher resolution available upon request.