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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Remember ‘Trapcode People?’

Peder Norrby started a great site four years ago called Trapcode People. But it died. The hard drive space and dedicated electrons decided to take a vacation to the land of no return. It stunk. The site held a wealth of well-curated presets to install for After Effects Trapcode Plug-ins. Luckily, Red Giant bought Trapcode. Luckily 2 years later, Red Giant embraced the warmth of user-groups. And, luckily they’ve shared the relaunch of Trapcode People as Red Giant People. Download. Share. Enjoy.

dmcsoil.com launch

A great collaboration between Shawn Murdock and myself. This time he was the design lead and I did the flash creation. This site uses some nice and fancy flash actionscripting to keep the motion smooth, custom right click navigation and SEO strength too.  You should check it out to see the sweet transitions.

Design: Shawn Murdock
Flash Development: Seth Taylor
Time to complete: 2.5 weeks
Software: Flash CS3, Caurina Tweener Actionscript Class, Smultron

MozyPro introduction video

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Designed while at Eli Kirk