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Google goggles resurfaced

Yay, my idea came to fruition, they even kept the name suggestion :)

google goggles

google goggles

Original post in Aug 2006: http://sethtaylor.com/b2/2006/08/14/google-goggles/


As you can see, there are a few differences, mainly, my version would use glasses which would be a projector screen and the front of the glasses would be a camera to help identify landmarks or whatever you were seeing.

I wish I could have explained it with those great accents though. Good job team.

Red Dot design

Awesome faucet.


smart pen


attractive packaging – I wish it had a bigger picture


Google goggles

Google goggles GPS touring and advertising options
This is an idea I’ve been toying around with for a while. As you’ll see here in a fast prototype: GPS enhanced optic media device. Depending on your location, and preferences you can:

  • Learn more about geographic location
  • View webpages that could inform you of nearby points of interest
  • Be guided to nearby restaurants
  • View maps.
  • Identify landmarks.
  • And, of course, non location specific activities like checking Gmail messages, podcasts, music… etc.