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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Link round up

Make sure to take some time to peruse some delightful pre-disney era designs and illustrations. The color theory alone is well worth some appreciation time. I’m especially fond of the typography and filagrees of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and the illustrations in calendars of the Antikamnnia

Favorite new app:
Recently I’ve enjoyed lemon.com and the free iPhone app. I like the simplistic interface design, and the convenience to take photos of receipts and have all the text OCRed for future use.

Everything is a remix: Helpful viewpoint in learning creative solutions. I’ve always frowned upon people who blatantly ripoff some one else’s design. But a designer that can pull off a killer remix of previously uncombined ideas deserves smile of respect followed by a sketch of the new idea you just got from it.

Kid History: Clean and entertaining way to hear a story from the perspective and vocabulary of a child, but acted out by adults. My favorite way to watch these funny videos is in the company of my wife and children. My kids rarely stop laughing.

Adrenaline rush “I believe I can fly” – Proxy adrenaline rushes are sufficient for my tastes. This video foots the bill, and this comic captures my thoughts exactly. More video sweetness and slo-mo from the same film maker here.

The above video get’s me excited to do more sports/motion capture. I’ve gotta try a glidecam sometime. Does anyone know where I can borrow a glidecam around here in the UV area? I’ve called around here, and no one seems to have one available. Please drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

Ginger Monkey

Head on over to gingermonkeydesign.com to appreciate a little illustration/type goodness. I particularly enjoy the color selections and textures. I have yet to tire of the extremely ornate as long as it is hand done, the more raw the elements the better.

Customized Safe Builder – 3D safe

Here’s a sample of the new 3D renderings for Fort Knox. This will be part of the new customizable safe tool. Shadows still need some work, but I think it’s coming along nicely.

playing with the brushes app

brushes app - painted by finger

brushes app - painted by finger

I’ve enjoyed the brushes app. Painted this on my iPod Touch during Thanksgiving break.