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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Vector checkmark design

When designing interfaces, frequently I’ll need a checkmark. In many circumstances it’s important to incorporate a humanistic element. This one tapers with the beginning stroke, gets heavier near the base, and finishes with a subtle taper. No big deal, I just wanted a place to share this and access it at other times. Feel free to use this one for whatever project you want. Below is a scalable vector and transparent png version.


Ginger Monkey

Head on over to gingermonkeydesign.com to appreciate a little illustration/type goodness. I particularly enjoy the color selections and textures. I have yet to tire of the extremely ornate as long as it is hand done, the more raw the elements the better.

Shirt Design


Of all the shirts I’ve designed, I look forward to wearing this on the most.

Here’s a rejected one, but I may print a derivative of this one.

Designed in Black and White so the production peeps can produce it in any color. But then again, I like black and white a lot of the time.

Adobe Illustrator gradient on a path tutorial


Because a good friend asked me how to do this, I figured I’d make a tutorial on how to draw a gradient along a path in Adobe Illustrator. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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A few people have asked about how to make a spiral shape. The preview is below and you can download the illustrator file here.

tutorial and example preview download


Psychotique web design

My responsibilities were logo creation, product design, photography, website design, interaction, and managing the shopping cart coding and some training.


MozyPro introduction video

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Designed while at Eli Kirk

AMI website design

Designed while at Eli Kirk

Designed while at Eli Kirk