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Seth Taylor Graphic Design

Vector checkmark design

When designing interfaces, frequently I’ll need a checkmark. In many circumstances it’s important to incorporate a humanistic element. This one tapers with the beginning stroke, gets heavier near the base, and finishes with a subtle taper. No big deal, I just wanted a place to share this and access it at other times. Feel free to use this one for whatever project you want. Below is a scalable vector and transparent png version.


Free vector glasses icon

Recently made these bezier glasses for another personal iPhone app project (you’re going to love the iOS app when it launches). I hope you can enjoy these assets on your next design. Pay it forward. If you’re feeling like it, drop a link to where you used ‘em.

Link to download SVG glasses icon

Download png glasses icon

Download .jpg glasses icon


free vector glasses download

free vector glasses download


Custom web font kerning

I have a not-so-obvious attraction to two things. Kerning and butter. It seems nice kerning makes the nicest headlines feel so smooth and tasty, which is why I’m pretty happy about the TypeButter. Although I haven’t sufficiently kicked the tires of this little jquery plugin I’m looking forward to web headlines being custom fonts, beautiful, and well-kerned.

Sunglow sungold tomato

Large sunglow tomato {Solanum lycopersicum} picture. Photo free for download and use. I would love to hear how you use it. Some people refer to this as a sungold tomato.

This was harvested from our tomato plant on the south side of our house.


sunglow tomato - free to use image

I wonder if this photo will become as popular as my grape photo I posted a few years ago.

Free vector music note

free music note image

free music note image

Here’s a free vector music note I drew just for you. It’s an Adobe Illustrator file. Enjoy and pay it forward.

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Flash Check Box PHP and Form Mail

Free Flash File

A while ago (when I was developing a portion of a site for Fort Knox) I needed some help on filling out a form in Flash and sending it to PHP. Almost all of my variables were text variables. But I had a few check boxes in the form. I didn’t know how to properly pass checkbox variables to PHP. I looked for help but couldn’t find it anywhere. After finally piecing together various tutorials I successfully completed the form. I’m sure this is second nature for some people. But it wasn’t for me. I commited to help someone else by demonstrating how to make the form. So here are the files necessary for a Flash form using check boxes.

Download Free Flash File Form with PHP and Check Box