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The path of digital interaction

In developing interfaces, many people enunciate a common goal “it has to be simple” then within in a very little time they want to add feature after feature and make the user experience surprisingly complicated. While those features are helpful for expert users, it estranges the new adopters. So, what is to be done? How do you add features to your site, app or software without getting prohibitively complex? Here’s a hint at a longer blog post I’m preparing.


One of my favorite blogs that shows how much we designer/developers care about the user experience. http://littlebigdetails.com/

We like you. We really really like you.

Another reason to love archive.org

Another great reason to love archive.org was shared by Mr. Johnathan Hoefler.¬†There’s a 1912 American Type Founders specimen online! 1300+ pages worth of vintage typography.

via @H_FJ.

Last night I attended a great meeting (Utah Mobile Developers) concerning monetization of mobile apps. This was one of the slides that Dave Robinson shared. Original here.

Onieric CloudApp

Great and simple app that has already saved me the time it took me to learn about it today.

a super simple storage solution that lets you drag any sort of file into a taskbar icon and have it forever stored “in the cloud.”

It’s like having dropbox, email and ow.ly all in one; and, speedy because it capitalizes shortcuts I already have in my workflow.

Check it out.