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Vector checkmark design

When designing interfaces, frequently I’ll need a checkmark. In many circumstances it’s important to incorporate a humanistic element. This one tapers with the beginning stroke, gets heavier near the base, and finishes with a subtle taper. No big deal, I just wanted a place to share this and access it at other times. Feel free to use this one for whatever project you want. Below is a scalable vector and transparent png version.


Free vector glasses icon

Recently made these bezier glasses for another personal iPhone app project (you’re going to love the iOS app when it launches). I hope you can enjoy these assets on your next design. Pay it forward. If you’re feeling like it, drop a link to where you used ‘em.

Link to download SVG glasses icon

Download png glasses icon

Download .jpg glasses icon


free vector glasses download

free vector glasses download


Revealing Compexity

Quick ux tip
Pay close attention to how you reveal complexity. Not all users care to become experts. And experts shouldn’t be required to use simple mode when they need to make precise configurations.

Great work from designers in Poland




Check out the work here: dmowski.co

Timelapse of a supercell near Booker, Texas

Amazing time-lapse footage of a supercell storm from Mike Oblinksi

Even the stills are amazing.


New Atrek Inline Font

New font coming very soon. Here’s some work in progress.


New fonts released

I just released some new fonts.

Stendo – is a wide slab serif that never lock you down to western style — for sale here:

Stendo-Graphic-collage Stendo-Graphic-car


Atrek for sale here: