Chocolate — selling deliciousness on screen

The nice thing about being allergic to chocolate is that the great people at Hatch’s family chocolate could leave their product without ever worrying that the photographer would eat it!

We staged, lighted and carefully photographed the smooth surface of this international selling chocolate. We highly recommend the Karamel Krispie with the most delicious caramel and nougat layer you’ve ever had.

For their website, we utilized the Magento e-commerce platform with customized code.

Pro Tip — For the photography of the hot chocolate, we soaked cotton balls in water and microwaved them to be steaming hot and placed them behind the hot chocolate mug with the appropriate lighting. This helps you capture the steam in camera much more easily. And then … if that doesn’t work as well as you’d like then … ahem … then you photoshop edit the rest!



Design — Ash Ram & Seth Taylor
Photography and Creative Direction — Seth Taylor
Design collaboration — Ashley Polinski with Eli Kirk
Programming — Chris Rock with Eli Kirk

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