500 memes. Large scale poster project

Massively Inspirational Project. 500 Posters x 5 languages = 2500 memes in 2 months.

The Plan: deliver 500 uplifting messages and posters to youth and provide assets to seminary institutions educators in 5 different languages. The challenge: Complete it all within a miraculous time frame. Mission: Accomplished.

It was a pleasure working with the Church Educational system to build 500 mini-posters (Memes) for them to release to Seminary and Institutes of Religion resources. The task of uniting a massive multi-agency collaboration spanned much of Utah and spread overseas. All who were involved with the project enjoyed the coordination. One team described it as being “the best organized large project they’ve ever worked on” Side note: because very few fonts have support for 5 languages, a font was custom developed for this project. 500 memes. Large scale poster project

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