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Massive data organization

How do you organize massive amounts of information? Duties: Creative Direction, Layout, Site Sequencing, Client Education Also worked with the talented Ashley Polinski on home page. Designed while at Eli […]

custom logotype

Bartlett & Bartlett custom logotype

Thoroughly enjoyed developing this logo for the model staffing company. Subtle pear cleverly set in the counterspace of the Didot ampersand. Before they were called bartlett & bartlett, they used […]

Custom font design

Custom Lettering for an Epic Slash Bash Event

This type assignment was a lot of fun to customize! This year’s design needed more oomph, so, beginning with the letterforms of Fette Fraktur, then wresting them into beautiful capitals […]

Evolution of Energy

Sustainable wind energy vs fossil fuels.

Annular Eclipse 2012

The secondary eclipse is caused by a lens flare.