Julie’s Deli Website Design

website design for Juile's Deli in Texarcana.

Proposed concept to Juile’s Deli in Texarcana. These clients are some of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter and makes me wish I could physically stop by their café. The […]

New fonts released


I just released some new fonts. Stendo – is a wide slab serif that never lock you down to western style — for sale here:   Atrek for sale here:    

Shortening Meetings Everywhere!

mobile app design

You can make any online activity interesting. Yes, it’s even possible to make a calculator fun. Not only is it possible, it even gets some amazing coverage and response on […]

Massive data organization


How do you organize massive amounts of information? Duties: Creative Direction, Layout, Site Sequencing, Client Education Also worked with the talented Ashley Polinski on home page. Designed while at Eli […]

Bartlett & Bartlett custom logotype

custom logotype

Thoroughly enjoyed developing this logo for the model staffing company. Subtle pear cleverly set in the counterspace of the Didot ampersand. Before they were called bartlett & bartlett, they used […]

Custom Lettering for an Epic Slash Bash Event

Custom font design

This type assignment was a lot of fun to customize! This year’s design needed more oomph, so, beginning with the letterforms of Fette Fraktur, then wresting them into beautiful capitals […]

Evolution of Energy


Sustainable wind energy vs fossil fuels.