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Apple Watch Design Pro Tip

Stotion Pro Tip — Apple Watch We’re all very excited here that we got invited to Sunnyvale CA to get our hands on an Apple Watch on April 7th before […]

Stotion — Favorite tools

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but enough people have asked that merits sharing with the rest of you. Design tools LiveView Duplicates an area on your screen and sends it to an iPad/iPhone. […]

Chocolate — selling deliciousness on screen


The nice thing about being allergic to chocolate is that the great people at Hatch’s family chocolate could leave their product without ever worrying that the photographer would eat it! We staged, […]

Wearable App Design


This wearable and mobile project was spearheaded during a wonderfully memorable Provo Startup Weekend. (If you haven’t ever tried a Startup Weekend, you owe it to yourself to hone those […]

Silicon Slopes gets some new threads — Google Fiber T-shirt design

Utah Valley design firm - Silicon Slopes Google fiber shirt

This project included several great concepts, copywriting, input from Provo City Mayor and a simple collaboration between the fine folks here in Provo and Mountain View California. It’s been such […]

Massively Inspirational Project. 500 Posters x 5 languages = 2500 memes in 2 months.

500 memes. Large scale poster project

The Plan: deliver 500 uplifting messages and posters to youth and provide assets to seminary institutions educators in 5 different languages. The challenge: Complete it all within a miraculous time frame. […]

Sweetening a message and brand — Corporate Alliance Brochure Design

Large scale brochure design

  Corporate Alliance needed a compelling large scale brochure to educate and entice a new geographic market. After researching important opportunities, this project pulled together some of the greatest talent […]

Julie’s Deli Website Design

website design for Juile's Deli in Texarcana.

Proposed concept to Juile’s Deli in Texarcana. These clients are some of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter and makes me wish I could physically stop by their café. The […]